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Who We Are

STAAAF is a not-for profit voluntary Organization, a body made up of individuals with like-minds from diverse background in large area of specialty like legal, social work and other professional engagements, who came together to use their wealth of experience and resources to better the lives of the people. Our members believe in exchange of ideas, thereby making meaningful, lifelong change in the lives of both the oppressed and the free in the society, taking legal and social actions in bringing justice to the door steps of members of different communities in Nigeria and beyond, with the aim of meeting their social needs.


Nigeria currently ranks 15th in the world for suicides, according to the World Health Organization, though comparisons to older data are made difficult by a lack of accurate record-keeping in the country. But while these attempts make headlines day after day, they're also a warning sign of what could be a far greater crisis to come for Nigeria, Africa's strongest economic powerhouse.
There have been cases of individuals trying to chump into Lagos Lagoon, others have been reported to have jumped in, resulting into death, while few others have been rescued. Suicide attempt in Nigeria is a Criminal Offence, and the resultant effect of one being caught is that the individual is charged to court for “attempted Suicide”, with little or no attention being paid to the individual's emotional, physical state.
STAAAF is taking the bull by the Horns and saying that we cannot continue to wait for the Nigerian Government before steps are taken to care for and helping the poor, the broken hearted, the hurt and the misunderstood in the society, thereby “Encouraging A Hostile Free Environment For All” We are advocating for compassion, for love, for peace, aiding others, learning to be kind, knowing that “We rise by Lifting Others.”


Deacon Sylvester Okosodo is a Lawyer, Social Worker and above all, an individual with undiluted passion for the promotion of the respect for human rights, enhancing social economic standards of individuals in various communities, through the initiation of various social welfare programmes in Nigeria and beyond, thereby “Encouraging a hostile free environment for all”.

Our Vision

Encouraging A Hostile Free Environment For All

Our Mission

To be known globally, as a foundation that is taking deliberate steps to achieving social transformation and reintroduce hope in the lives of people.

Our Philosophy

We rise by lifting others.

Staaaf Executive Members

We Rise by lifting Others

Dcn. Sylvester Okosodo
Director of Administration
Ahmad I. Yaro, Esq
(Gen. Secretary/Treasurer)
Temitope Martins
(Dir. Programmes/Operations)